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Wedding Party Bus


When it is your wedding day, you have all the reason to stand out and make the most of the experience. Whether you are looking for a party bus rental or a Tampa wedding limo service, we have it all. Our wedding packages are not one-size-fit-all; we will offer services that are tailored to fit what you are looking for. This is why most people come to us as each service is unique and different from the others.

You can choose to arrive in style using our limo service or the Tampa party bus. This is a great chance for your bridal team to loosen up and enjoy the wedding party. How about bringing the entire family with you? This gives them a chance to say their goodbyes in style and in a party mood. We are the company that provides you with a great party before the main party. You can choose the specific services that you would wish to have included in your package and we will strive to exceed your expectations.

Once you are married, you can leave for your honeymoon in a classy manner. You deserve the best as you will be wearing the title of the newest couple in town. We have every intention to ensure that you feel good about this.

Contact us today for Tampa wedding party bus rental and we will work out something that is specific to your needs. Our crews are always ready and excited to be a part of this huge milestone in your life.